If you are looking for a generator that is reliable and will last a long time, then you should check out Cummins. This company has been in the business of diesel generators for many years. Its advanced design is also a benefit in the long term maintenance. Its piston and cylinder are made of intensified alloy and casting materials to give better rigidity. These materials help to reduce noise and vibration, and also adapt to higher explosion pressures.

Low failure rate

The low failure rate of Cummins diesel generators can be attributed to the design of these units. Due to their four-stroke, low vibration, and low noise levels, the Cummins Generators are easy to maintain and are highly efficient. Furthermore, the unique design of the exhaust bellows and the large flow channel design allow for the effective use of waste gas energy, reducing heat radiation. In addition, the units also feature an oil pump with variable flow that optimizes the oil entering the engine and minimizes power loss. Another feature is their Main Oil Channel Signal Tube, which controls acidity and removes impurities.

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The engine’s fuel supply may be a problem. A low-quality fuel filter can result in a poor fuel supply. Additionally, a faulty fuel pump or throttle linkage can cause a generator to run out of fuel. The fuel pressure should be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. A low-quality fuel filter can also result in white smoke. To identify whether your generator is experiencing these problems, run a cold engine compression test.

Long lifespan

Many factors play a part in determining the lifespan of a generator, including the operating conditions, the frequency of maintenance, and the quality of the fuel used. The engine type is also an important consideration, as compression-ignition engines tend to last longer than spark-ignition engines. Low-speed operation, liquid cooling, and pressurized oil lubrication are also factors that impact the life of a generator.

The lifespan of a diesel generator depends on a number of factors, including the fuel used, sizing, and preventive maintenance practices. In many cases, a diesel generator can run for 15,000 hours before requiring repair or maintenance. The number of hours a generator runs also has an impact on its lifespan. If you only run your generator for 650 hours per year, you could get away with thirty years of use.

Fuel efficiency

Cummins diesel generators are known for their fuel efficiency and quick response times. These engines are built with an advanced fuel control system that utilizes a piston top chamber and high-pressure fuel injection to optimize performance and efficiency. This technology is used to reduce noise and vibration while delivering top-tier fuel efficiency. In addition, these generators have a long-life expectancy and are highly reliable. To find out how fuel efficiency can benefit your business, review Cummins diesel generator specs.

Diesel generating sets are often used in remote areas that don’t have access to a power grid, as back-up power when the grid fails. They are also used in more complex applications like grid support and peak-lopping. Additionally, diesel generators are highly fuel-efficient, and are capable of operating for more hours than a normal generator. These generators are also able to reduce overall operating costs of your power grid by up to ten percent.

Sound quality

One important feature that sets Cummins diesel generators apart from their competitors is their quiet operation. While some competitors may have side vents that make their diesel generators sound louder than they are, Cummins has taken the noise-reduction process a step further by installing eight microphones around its RS20A air-cooled generator. The result is a quieter unit that is up to five decibels quieter than its competitor.

The C20D6 features a heavy-duty 4 cycle liquid-cooled diesel engine that is capable of 1800-RPM. This engine is enclosed in a Sound Level 1 – Sandstone enclosure to prevent any unwanted noise. Cummins generators are also equipped with a PowerCommand 1.1 controller that has a 128 x 64 backlit display and provides robust diagnostics. The generator’s automatic transfer switch enables it to permanently connect to your home.


The reliability of Cummins diesel generators lies in the fact that they have a number of characteristics that contribute to their success. These factors include low fuel consumption, large output power, and quiet running. Cummins generators are proven to be reliable not only at home, but also abroad. They are also backed by a global “Three Guarantee” warranty. Another key feature of Cummins diesel generators is that they are small-sized, yet have a high output power. The reliability of Cummins diesel generators is further enhanced by a number of factors, including their small volume, high power, and easy availability of spare parts.

Cummins is a world leader in engine technology. The company manufactures diesel generator engines and distributes them throughout the world. These engines are reliable, dependable, and are built with many safety features, including high temperature protection, low oil protection, fuel protection, and low oil consumption. The company employs more than 46,000 people around the world and has a global network of more than 500 locations. The company’s product line spans a wide range of applications, from simple generator sets to full turnkey prime power stations.