Cricket clothing, also referred to as cricket gear or clothing, is the attire worn by players of the game and is made from materials such as cotton and polyester. Cricket clothing includes the cricket uniform or kit, which is the main equipment of a cricketer and which consists of a shirt, shorts, socks and footwear. Cricket clothing has evolved over the years to become very fashionable in nature. In fact, cricket clothing has become a significant part of the cricket scene and those who follow the game are always seen sporting stylish and well designed Cricket Clothing.

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Cricket clothing has been one of the many accessories of cricketing activities ever since it was introduced. Earlier, the uniforms worn by players were mainly blue or white in color, but with the development of the sport, many other colors and designs were introduced. The first cricket clothing that was introduced was white shirts and shorts, but later these changed to blue, red, yellow and eventually brown. Cricket clothing includes accessories such as socks, caps and shoes, which are popular among players. These accessories vary according to the type of the game and the purpose of a game. For example, while playing a match for Twenty20, cricket clothing attire may include caps, socks and shoes, whereas for batting, they would wear white caps, white shorts and white gloves.

During summers, cricket clothing consisting of a short sleeved shirt with knee-length trousers and socks is worn. It can be accompanied with a cap, scarf and cap sleeve hat. During winters, cricket clothing consisting of a long sleeved shirt with short trousers is worn. Cricket gloves can also be used along with the clothes. Cricket shoes can be used to play the game, but only during winter.

There are two kinds of cricket clothing: protective clothing and in-style clothing. While protective clothing is worn to face all the hazards in the game, an in-style clothing is used to make the player look the part. A cricket ball is covered with a protective cloth during play to avoid it from flying towards the ground and damaging the players or the wicket-keeper. Cricket balls are made of rubber so that it provides bounce. In case of a missing bounce, the ball can be replaced. To play a test match, all players wear protective clothing, and only the wicket-keeper can use in-style clothing.

When it comes to accessories, all cricket clothing comes with a pair of cricket trousers. The colours of the trousers depend on the team that is playing. For example, cricket trousers for a home cricket team can be different from those for an away team. Also, different teams wear different coloured cricket clothing.

Cricket clothing includes cricket shirts, jackets, shorts, caps and socks. Cricket shirts are generally sleeveless, while others are sleeveless, with stripes. Cricket shirts usually have short sleeves and long sleeves. Cricket jackets are generally knee-length, while cricket caps have short horns and a wide brim. The caps have laces at the collar and the sleeves of both the jackets and the shirts are pleated.