What to Look For in a Land Surveying Company:-

Job description

In this position, you’ll conduct legal research on property ownership and property boundaries, prepare and submit engineering plans, and work with other engineers and construction project teams. As a part of your job, you will also use advanced computer software and equipment, conduct research on cadastres, and prepare and maintain reference systems. You’ll also need to understand written instructions and sketches, and operate CAD computer applications.

When it comes to job descriptions, there are many ways to find one. As a land surveyor, you’ll measure and map property, develop maps, and help avoid legal entanglements. You may work for a government agency, a construction company, or an engineering company, or even a utility service. In a land surveying company, you’ll work directly with the public to ensure that the land is in the right place. A sydney surveyors also conduct research on land, and use their knowledge to map the boundaries of properties.

Qualities of Your Land Surveying Company

Professional development

There are many ways to increase the professional development of your land surveying business. You can serve on committees and task forces that address technical or regulatory issues. These efforts can qualify you for CEUs, which you can earn by submitting your timesheets. Formal collaborative sessions must be related to your professional practice, and you can earn up to 9 hours in a registration period. Here are some tips:

Attending continuing education courses related to land surveying is an excellent way to improve your skills. You can find several options online and through correspondence courses. These courses are available for free through the NCEES website. To keep track of the number of PDHs you earn, you can complete a PDH Log on the website. Make sure to document the content, too, in Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF format. You can also send it to your client’s office for proof of your education.

Insurance coverage

Land surveying companies need general liability insurance for several reasons. Depending on the type of service you provide, it can cover medical expenses and lost wages. It can also cover property damage that could arise from the surveyor’s work. However, it is crucial to understand the exact coverage of the policy and talk to an insurance agent about specific risks you face. For example, general liability insurance for land surveying companies costs $500-$1,500 per year for a million dollars in coverage.

Insurance coverage for land surveying companies should include legal liability and premises liability. Both of these types of policies cover the costs that may arise if a land surveyor fails to provide proper service. Premises liability insurance protects a land surveying company from lawsuits that result from injuries that occur on the company’s office premises. General liability insurance for land surveying companies also covers completed operations, such as damages to client property or improper professional decisions.


If you are looking for a professional land surveying company, consider whether it is accredited. This certification demonstrates that the company meets certain standards of quality. Surveyors must be knowledgeable about the geographical locations of points and boundaries, analyze data, and write detailed reports. They must also be able to safely navigate to field sites and interpret remotely sensed images. This is especially important if you are obtaining a large-scale project, such as the construction of a new highway.

ALTA accreditation means that the company has met stringent standards for professionalism and security. Their work will be verified and their certificate will state whether or not the platform and survey were produced in accordance with present standards. It will also state whether the surveyor negotiated Table A items with extra parties or not. If the land surveying company is accredited by both ALTA and NSPS, the buyer will be assured of the quality of the survey.